Farmland® Product database

A comprehensive listing of all current Farmland Foods product offerings to make it easy to add a delicious variety of guest-pleasing pork cuts to your menu.

Farmland® DURoC Pork

Exceptional marbling. Unparalleled color and freshness.Amazing taste. Every cut of Farmland DURoC Pork is selected from the top 20% of our total production so you can bring your guests the very best of the best.

Farmland Fresh Pork

Farmland uses only 100% U.S.-produced pork from farms we know and trust. Exceptional cuts are selected for Farmland Fresh Pork brands, including Farmland EXTRA TENDER® and ALL NATURAL*, then trimmed to 1/4- or 1/8- inch specifications so you can serve your customers only the finest lean, tender cuts.

Farmland Bacon

Farmland uses only hand-selected, hand-carved bellies to make our bacon. Then we use our exclusive recipes, real smoke and no MSG to create the bacon flavors that earned us the title: THE BACON EXPERTS®.

Farmland Smoked Hams & Specialty Items

Farmland takes pride in our hams using only the finest pork that is cured with our unique recipes and smoked with real hickory smoke for the rich, delicious flavor customers expect from Farmland.

Farmland Sausage

We specially select USDA-inspected cuts of lean pork, grind it fresh and use 100% natural spices and flavorings to ensure that you get exceptional sausage every time.

Farmland Fabricated Pork

Chops, filets, roasts, Ribbits™, Rib-Lets and ribs! Lean, tender and hand trimmed, Farmland Fabricated Pork lets you offer exceptional quality in the cuts people crave.

Farmland Hot Dogs, Smoked Sausage & Deli Meats

Farmland uses only tender, USDA-inspected cuts of beef and pork, natural hickory smoke, and no MSG in our hot dogs and smoked sausage. And Farmland Deli Meats are made with our exclusive recipes and only USDA-inspected ingredients for exceptional flavor and texture.

Farmland Black Angus Beef

The company known for great pork products isn’t about to cut corners when it comes to beef. Farmland lets you offer the quality of Black Angus patties, Philly-style meats and franks from a name you trust.