Farmland Foodservice Operator Advisory Board

In an effort to stay on top of trends and deliver relevant products and information to the foodservice community, Farmland Foodservice has formed its first Operator Advisory Board consisting of five celebrated chefs, each with a unique culinary style. The chefs were chosen not only for their culinary excellence and expertise, but for their passion for pork. The Operator Advisory Board has come together for a year of ongoing innovation labs and discovery conversations to unearth out-of-the-box thinking on pork applications and insights into how pork can be more effectively marketed and delivered to the chef community.


Find out why we’re known throughout the industry as The BACON EXPERTS. Each strip of Farmland Bacon is a naturally hickory smoked, vertically integrated thing of beauty.


Learn about how we turn our hams into customer favorites. It’s a painstaking process that involves slow smoking over real hickory wood, because perfection can’t be rushed.

Smoked Without a Smoker

You don’t have to be a famous BBQ joint to serve famous BBQ. Let the experts at Farmland do the smoking for you.